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Исполнитель Альбом Описание Цена
Climax Blues BandLiveorig. UK Polydor (1-st press A-1/B-1) NM/NM1400
Climax Blues BandPlays Onorig. UK Parlophone (2-nd press A-1/B-1) NM/NM2600
Climax Blues BandRich Manorig. UK Harvest (1-st press A-1/B-1 textured cover) NM/NM2400
Cocney RebelThe Human Menagerieorig. UK EMI (1-st press A-1/B-1) g/f NM/NM1000
Coheed And CambriaThe Afterman: Descention LP+CDorig. USA EE (rare American prog) insert M/M3900
ColosseumThose Who Are About To Die Salute You (debut album)orig. UK Fontana (1-st press A-1/B-1) g/f NM/NM7900
CreamWheels Of Fire 2LP 2LP UK RSO (re-iss 1977 A-3/B-3/C-3/D-3) g/f NM/NM2400
CreamWheels Of Fire 2LP 2LP orig. UK Polydor (1-st press A-2/B-1/C-1/D-2) g/f NM/NM5900
Crippled Black PhoenixThe Crafty Ape 2LP2LP orig. France (rare English prog) g/f 2 inserts M/M3200
Crosby Stills & NashCrosby Stills & Nashorig. USA Atlantic (1-st press) g/f (textured cover) NM/NM1900
Darryl Way's WolfCanis Lupusorig. UK Deram (1-st press A-1/B-1) g/f NM/NM3800
Daryl Hall & John OatesLive Timeorig. UK RCA (1-st press A-1/B-1) insert NM/NM1200
Dave BrubeckPoints Of Jazzorig. UK Fontana (MONO 1961) NM/NM2400
Dave BrubeckBrother, The Gret Spirit Made Us Allorig. USA Atlantic NM/NM1200
Dave BrubeckSouthern Sceneorig. UK Fontana (MONO 1960) NM/NM1800
Dave BrubeckNewport 1958orig. Holl. Fontana (1-st press A-1/B-1) NM/M1900
Dave BrubeckBravo Brubeck!orig. CBS (1-st press A-1/B-2) NM/NM1600
Dave Clark Five'sGreatestorig. Germ. Widesound NM/NM600
David BowieLet's Danceorig. Germ. EMI America insert NM/NM800
David BowieOn Stage 2LP2LP orig. UK RCA (1-st press A-2/B-1/C-1/D-1) g/f NM/NM2200

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