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Исполнитель Альбом Описание Цена
Shirley BasseyThoughts Of Youorig. UK UA (1-st press A-1/B-1) NM/NM900
Sidney BechetBlues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Meorig. France Blue Note (re-issue 1984) NM/M2200
Silver ConventionGet Up and Boogieorig. Japan Victor insert Obi NM/NM1200
Silver ConventionАнсамбль Силвер КонвеншнСССР Мелодия M/M 150
Silver ConventionSave Meorig. USA Midland International NM/NM800
Silver ConventionGolden Girlsorig. USA Midland International NM/NM800
Silver ConventionMad Houseorig. USA Midland International M/M900
Silver Head16 And Savagedorig. UK Purple (1-st press A-1/B-1) g/f NM/NM3400
SilverheadSilverhead (debut album)orig. UK Purple (1-st press A-1/B1) g/f NM/NM3800
Simon & GarfunkelBridge Over Trouble Waterorig. UK CBS (1-st press A-3/B-6 orange label) NM/NM1200
Simon & GarfunkelBridge Over Trouble WaterEU Columbia M/M1000
Simon And GarfunkelParsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thymeorig. UK CBS (1-st press A-2/B-1) NM/NM1200
Sinead O'ConnorAm I Not Your Girl?orig. Germ. Ensign (1-st press A-1/B-1 rare on vinyl 1992) insert NM/NM1800
Sisters Of MercyFirst And Last And Alwaysorig. Germ. East West insert NM/M2800
Skid Row (Gary Moore)Skidorig. UK CBS (1-st press A-1/B-1) NM/NM2200
SkySky 3orig. Holl. Ariola g/f NM/NM700
SkySky 2LP2LP orig. Can. Arista g/f NM/NM800
SladeNobody's Foolsorig. UK Polydor (1-st press A-3/B-1) insert NM/NM5600
SladeSlades Greatsorig. UK Polydor (1-st press A-1/B-1) NM/NM1200
SladeThe Amazing Kamikaze Syndromeorig. Germ. RCA (1-st press A-1/B-2) insert NM/NM1000

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